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The Turnaround Coach

Transform your program without Recruiting!

So you are facing a challenge! You are taking over a failing program or business, or you are trying to perform a reboot on your squad because of their own previous difficult year. Or just maybe your team was average, but capable of being so much more. The symptoms are present. Morale is down and doubts are everywhere. You are limited by talent, facilities, time, and staff. Oh…and you can’t RECRUIT! Something has to be done and done quickly.

Much in the manner of the hot reality TV “business turnaround” shows such as Bar Rescue or The Big Fix, The Turnaround Coach is a clear guide that you can follow to have a successful turnaround for your team/business, and one which will be especially helpful for those who do not want to go through a lot of trial and error to get it right. It will take you through the process and show you the steps necessary to turnaround a program and make it a winner quickly…all from a Hall of Fame HS coach who has helped do this at seven different stops, and all within two years of his starting there.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Know what to look for
  • Bring about a culture change
  • Deal with the “Killer E’s”
  • Establish four pillars from which to build on
  • Deal with facility, staff, and talent restraints
  • Make adjustments when faced with adversities
  • Create a winning mindset which helps to empower your team

Get yourself a copy of The Turnaround Coach today and get that program on the way to better days!

Every leader needs a Gameplan!