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Scott Olson has been a motivational and public speaker for many years. He has visited many high schools and universities as well as youth organizations to inspire young individuals in athletics, their personal lives, and their professional endeavors.


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Dan Sullivan

A.D. Princeville HS IL

“Oly has been in the top 1% of speakers that I have heard. He has unmatched energy and passion for the game. Beyond that he has that intangible…the ability to make kids think about where they want to take their game…I learn something every time! Any young person who is serious about their future would benefit from hearing him speak on his wide ranging topics.”

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Cathy George

Michigan State University Volleyball

“Over the past 22 years, I have used Scott Olson at least once every season to give a pre-game speech to my team. His words are engaging, motivational, and sincere. His ability to recognize our team’s current situation and relate to it is truly a gift. I would recommend the use of Scott Olson to any team, company, or organization that is looking to maximize the group’s potential.”

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Dave Weber

Glenbrook North H.S

“Over the past several years I have had the honor to work with Scott Olson at the Hoop Mountain Camps. He is a great motivator and an outstanding speaker. He has a great passion for athletics and does a wonderful job of communicating with players. I highly recommend him and I feel he has unique way of bringing out the best in people!"

"Coach, it is not just your great record of 413-248 that got you into this association, but also the impact you have had on your players, which goes WAY BEYOND a record. It is that work ethic that you taught your players that transcends the game into the way your former players live their life."

-Scott Sullivan

Vice President of Global Product Management at Shure inc.

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Brett Moore

Hinsdale South HS

“I have been lucky enough to hear some of the best in America talk at clinics across the Midwest. I can promise you that none of them have ever spoken with the passion that Scott Olson brings. He is one of, if not the most, passionate person I have ever met in this profession. There will be no mailing it in or just showing up for your program, he will absolutely bring it.”

Marist High School logo of a red hawk's head in front of the letter "M".

Tim Trendel

Marist HS

“Having worked numerous clinics with Scott over the years, I have seen first-hand the effective communication and motivation skills that he possesses. Every eye is glued to him and every kid is hanging on his every word. By the time Scott is finished with his talk, I want to go out and play for him myself!! I have heard several motivational speakers and I can without question say that Scott is one of the best!!”

Danville High School logo of a red viking with a shield with a "D" on it pulling his sword out.

Scott Vogel

Danville HS

“Scott is by far one of the most dynamic speakers I have ever heard and encountered. Scott has a unique genuineness and down-to-earth style that can hold over any audience. If any organization or company is looking to bring in energy and enthusiasm, I would recommend Scott for that competitive spark to get things done. “

"More importantly, as I get older. I have found that these habits translate to life in general... I have found that the work ethic, dedication, and preparation skills that were instilled in us on the high school basketball court served me well as a professional... The lessons that you taught us came at an important time for me as a young adult, and have translated well beyond the gym. Thank you!"

-Mark Pearson

Professor of Architecture, College of DuPage

Perry high school logo of the letter "P" in black.

Maggie Lombardi

Perry HS, Ohio

“The biggest takeaway I had from speaking with you and listening to your ‘toolbox’ was the OODA concept. I have already started applying the “tool” with my team. Decide and Attack! This phrase helps our team be aggressive and we have become “scrappier” because the girls hesitate less during matches and intense rallies. I also loved how you help me realize that focus is a skill; that we don’t want to be like goldfish! I have never really thought to practice this skill or really discuss it as a skill with the team. I am hoping this idea can help me and them this season, now that we can address the issue as a skill to be worked on.”

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Tony Scavarda

Lake Orion High School MI. Varsity Volleyball

“My high school volleyball players & staff were lucky enough to see Scott’s ‘mental toolbox’ presentation this summer. Scott’s energy and humor won us over right away and the kids really responded to him. His style of speaking appeals to the young players as well as the adults. If given the chance we will definitely see him again.”