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About scott


 Scott grew up in the South side of Chicago where his competitive mindset, work ethic, and determination were forged. Living there, he learned early in life to bring his best, both athletically and academically, or suffer the consequences. These lessons served Scott well as he attended college on scholarships and graduated cum laude with a BA in English. Scott went on from there to acquire valuable experience through teaching and coaching. Here he was able to formulate his ideas on effective methods to help lead people to a higher level of performance through a variety of sports and academic classes (including English, Media, and Alternative Education).

Scott and his wife have three children, Katie, Jarret, and Kamryn. They have carried on in the same competitive approach as they all have been named area "Player of the Year" at least once while the oldest two secured athletic scholarships (Kamryn is still in HS).


For Scott Olson, sports have always played a major role in his personal life, career, and family life. Over the years, he began to realize how much sports and athletics have impacted him and provided him with valuable life lessons. This premise has only been reinforced by his ex-player's communications with him and their personal stories of how this was true with them as well. So, he decided to share his findings with others.

Since then, Scott Olson has built a long and successful career in athletics through numerous platforms. He has stood as a coach, a skills trainer and sports consultant, helping many teams overcome difficult challenges and situations. These teams went on to set records, capture titles, record major upsets, and just plain thrive in the pressure-packed arena of sports.

With over thirty years of great experiences and success in skills training and consulting, Scott Olson decided to take these concepts and transform them into powerful speeches and presentations, progressing his career as a motivational speaker. Scott Olson has traveled throughout the Midwest visiting various high schools, universities, and youth organizations providing wise words as well as developmental techniques and strategies to give athletes and teams that extra boost they need to succeed in ways they never have before. With a Master’s degree in Interpersonal Communication, Scott Olson has developed exceptional abilities to really connect with his audience on a personal level. He is able to share his ideas, thoughts, and experiences in a way that is truly meaningful and inspiring to each athlete and trainer he interacts with.