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Two slices of white bread on a white plate. One slice is covered with grape jelly and the other slice is covered with peanut butter with a heart carved in the middle.

Make Your Own Sammich

By Scott Olson / December 18, 2018 / Comments Off on Make Your Own Sammich

Throughout his career in consulting, education, and family life, Scott Olson has uncovered different techniques and strategies to help kids, students, and athletes take on and overcome their own challenges without simply being handed what they need to succeed (even if that means things might get a bit messy). I was in a very familiar…

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A young boy kneeling on a baseball plate on a baseball field wearing a baseball jersey with the number four on it holding a blue helmet listening to his adult male coach in grey shorts, a blue polo shirt, and a blue ball cap showing the boy how to bat with correct form.

Coaching Advice: The Best I Have Ever Found

By Scott Olson / November 20, 2017 / Comments Off on Coaching Advice: The Best I Have Ever Found

I learned this from a John Wayne character and a great coach, Gordie Gillespie. They both gave people a chance to prove that they could do it.When I began my coaching career, I sought out advice from many veteran coaches as to the secret of becoming successful. I sat at the feet of many, feeling…

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Caucasion male in a black suit raises his hands as he speaks to a crowd sitting at tables next to him,

My Toughest Speaking Gig

By Scott Olson / October 17, 2017 / Comments Off on My Toughest Speaking Gig

Getting hired as a speaker is a difficult undertaking at times, but the hardest time I had was when I was trying to convince my “own” daughter to let me speak to her high school volleyball team. The squad was getting ready to start the first round of the State tournament, so it was kind…

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